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Cabinet Finishes


Antiqued Cabinetry
Antiqued Cabinetry
  Antiqued Cabinetry   Natural Cabinetry

Antiqued Cabinetry


Distressed Cabinetry


Glazed Cabinetry


Natural Cabinetry

An Antiqued Cabinetry stain / finish, gives that "old world" and historic look to your kitchen. Antiqued cabinetry has a weathered look and feel, and may also have cracks in the finish.   A Distressed Cabinet showcases a rugged finish. Distressed cabinets usually have small nicks and scratches in the door face, and sanded/worn edges. Distressed cabinets are weathered like Antique cabinets, and give a more grainy surface to its finish.   Glazed Cabinetry is typically a Raised Panel door face. Glazed cabinets have a thin line of paint applied over the stain along the path of the panels molding. The applied paint is referred to as "Glazing" and is typically hand painted with varying thickness. Each Glazed cabinet has its own style of painting, and are unique to each style.   Natural Cabinetry are typically unstained cabinets that have an applied finish. All of the woods grain and characteristics are showcased with a Natural cabinet finish. This style is perfect for any kitchen that wishes to have that classic wood look, and can vary from ultra modern, to vintage and historic appeal.
Painted Cabinetry   Pickled Cabinetry   Rustic Cabinetry   Stained Cabinetry

Painted Cabinetry


Pickled Cabinetry


Rustic Cabinetry


Stained Cabinetry

Painted Cabinetry can have a variety of colors and finishes to give you the exact look and feel to your kitchen. You can have any Unfinished cabinet line given a custom paint to your exact specifications, or you can choose from our wide selection of pre fabricated painted cabinets as well. For custom paint jobs, please specify in your order. (price adjustments may apply)   Pickled Cabinets have a whitewashed look, with a slightly stained accent on the graining of the wood. These cabinets showacase the wood grain with a hint of color, and give a subtle touch of class to your kitchen. This look is perfect for kitchens that want anything from a classic to modern versatility.   Rustic Cabinetry are intentionaly damaged slightly to give a rugged exterior finish. The cabinets can have slight holes punched into the door face, and are coupled with worn staining and finsh. These cabinets are the most often showcased in a kitchen that is looking for an vintage appeal. You can purchase a pre fabricated style, or have us create one custom to your specifications.   Everyone loves a well stained cabinet. And here at, we offer the larges selection of stained cabinetry in the world. Each cabinet is carefully applied a stain that accents its wood type to perfection, and is typically finished with a protective coat to keep your cabinetry looking new for years to come.
Antiqued Cabinetry
Unfinished Cabinetry
Thermafoil Cabinetry
Unfinished Cabinetry
Thermafoil Cabinetry is a high tech door face that uses a combination of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) to create a strong and durable door that will last for many years in your home. Thermafoil doors are stain resistant, and can be cleaned very easily. Thermafoil also is very "bright" and gives a long lasting vibrant coloring that will pass the test of time.   Unfinished Cabinetry showcases the cabinet door face in all of its wood glory. Whats great about these door faces, is that there is no limit to what can be done to them. You can keep the unfinished look if you please, or have our professional staff stain, paint, distress, antique, or pickle your cabinets to your exact specifications! The sky is the limit to what you can do to your kitchen with our beautiful unfinished cabinetry.