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Cabinet Door Styles


Arched Cabinets   Arched Cabinet Kitchen   Arched Cabinets give a more classic style to any kitchen. The "Cathedral" style tops over the typically raised panel doors, add style and sophistication to your kitchen. Arched cabinets can also be combined with non arched base cabinets, to give contrast to your door styles.

Arched Cabinets


Bead Board Cabinets   Bead Board Kitchen   The Bead Board kitchen typically is a shaker with a sheet of bead board paneling in the center of the door face. This cabinet can come in many different stains and can be custom built to any specifications. Accents of Bead Board decorative paneling add hints of style to any kitchen wall or island.

Bead Board Cabinets


Flat Slab Cabinets   Flat Slab Cabinet Kitchen   Flat Slab Cabinetry is quickly becoming the flagship style of today's modern kitchen. The long and sheek flat door faces give an ultra modern "Bauhaus" look, that cannot be duplicated with any other style. Custom cabinets can be painted or stained any color to give you the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Flat Slab Cabinets


Raised Panel Cabinets   Raised Panel Cabinets   Raised Panel Cabinetry is a versitile style that can give a look of class and sophistication to any kitchen. The classic look of a raised panel comes in a variety of different styles with various colors and wood cuttings to choose from.

Raised Panel Cabinets


Recessed Panel Cabinets   Recessed Panel Kitchen   Recessed Panel door faces are similar to a raised panel, only the center panel is sunken in lower than the perimiter moldings. This style gives a more classic look, and is similar to a shaker kitchen, but with a more decorative feel.

Recessed Panel Cabinets


Roped Cabinets   Rope Cabinet Island   Roped Cabinetry are raised panel cabinets with an ornate rope molding that is typically surrounding the perimiter of the center panel. The roped style showcases a more rustic and classic feel, and will give any kitchen an "old world" presence.

Roped Cabinets


Shaker Cabinets   Shaker Cabinet Kitchen   Shaker cabinets are a versitile style that combine a classic look with a modern feel. Shaker cabinets are commonly coupled with "bar" style hardware, and give a sleek look, while still retaining some decorative appeal. Shaker cabinets are quickly becoming the latest trend to all modern day kitchens.

Shaker Cabinets